The Instagram for Business Course

The Instagram for Business Course

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We are so excited to share with you The Instagram For Business Course!

What this course is :

This course offers 1 hour of guided video footage that talks you through the workbook and 6 hours of practical and actionable tasks for you to take away to gain control and clarity over your instagram account.

Once you have completed the course you will only need to spend a few hours a month maintaining & planning your instagram account, plus you will need to dedicate some time for engagement (replying to comments etc).

This is a passion project brought to life and we haven’t held anything back, like at all!!

We don’t want to keep our knowledge to ourselves. We believe that true abundance means that there is enough for everybody. We want to share it with the world because we are so passionate about small businesses suceeding. This course is for you if you’re a small business owner that could do with one to one mentoring or hiring a social media manager but you don’t currently have the resources or budget to do so at this time. This course comes to you at an affordable price with the exact blueprint we follow when working on accounts.

This Course is a practical blueprint for you to follow module by module.

It includes five Modules:

Module One : The Education - this module aims to teach you the statistics, the tricks of the trade and the answers to all your questions on the algorithim so that you can finally stop saying you don’t understand instagram and can OWN being a business owner that DOES know what they’re doing.

Module Two : The Audit - this module takes you through the exact process we follow when we work on a business’ instagram account, teaching you what to look for and what to take away from your business’ analytics. You might feel that you’re not getting the results you want but this module will give you real clarity around WHY you’re not getting those results and the areas to focus on moving forward.

Module Three : The Inspiration - this module helps you find the inspiration you have been lacking. It helps bring clarity so that you know what you like and where you want to position your business.

Module Four : The Creation - this module is the fun bit!! It’s where we give you the space to get excited again about your business. We guide you through the creative process so that you come away feeling clear on what you want to look like, sound like and what it is that makes your business stand out.

Module Five : The Practicalities - this module is where things get serious! We stop talking and brainstorming about your business and we offer you practical steps on how you are going to work on your account moving forward so that you get results. This includes a list of the best tools to make your life easier and a plan that you will actually use and will run your account by AND it includes steps to hold you accountable and on track throughout the year.

We are so sure that this is THE course that can change your business, that we offer a full money back guarantee - If you follow all of the steps and advice and do not see results we will happily refund you.

This course is written by a logician and a ?

What this course isn’t:

This isn’t something you can read in 20 minutes and then expect your instagram account to explode with new followers. This is the REAL and exact blueprint we follow as specialists when managing instagram accounts. We are giving you all of our knowledge and tools but you will need to put the time in (which we will help you manage and account for) to get the results.

This course is priced at an extremely great offer of £25 a month for 12 months or a one off purchase of £250. Considering you would usually pay thousands of pounds for a social media manager a month, this is a huge saving and investment for your business. Work out how many of your products would you need to sell each month to make back this investment and let the numbers do the talking.

There’s only one catch and it’s really not a catch and more of a request from one business owner to another. If you follow this course and get the results of blowing up to be huge scaled business, please consider us for the ongoing management of your accounts when you’re at that stage. If you think you’re busy now imagine how busy you will be when there’s so much business flowing your way! We’d love to continue supporting you ;) 

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